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Some one who is hypocritical about others sexual endeavors and then proceeds to engage in multiple repulsive clitoral adventures consecutively.
A long day of shit talking and one 40 oz. of beer led her to the canyon where she was fucked twice by two separate salmon seekers rendering her a hypoclit for life... her parents would be proud.
by Ronis Mcfinnigan September 04, 2009
when a woman/girl ensures you that you will be getting the booty a.k.a slice; gash; vag; bag of luck; pot o' gold; ass; pizza pie; etc....and completely dogs you when the time comes.
"dude, melony told me she was gonna give me the vag last night and then passed out on my chest, what a hypoclit."
by herb alfred January 04, 2007
A woman whose clitoris is longer than her partner's penis.
I hooked up with this girl last night. Turns out she was a hypoclit
by Farfetch'd_ February 03, 2014
A hypoclit is a who girl gives off all of the signals of sexual readiness and perhaps even talks openly about it, but rejects you at crunch time.
She told me she wanted to have sex, she even bought the condom and gave it to me, but when I made a move, she completely rejected me...what a hypoclit!


What a hypoclittical thing to do!
by Jilbo Bagginz January 13, 2010
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