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The lifestyle adopted by shallow, ostentatious teenagers. Characteristically annoying and the dispair of people who find it all too pretentious. Hypersocialists are never alone, they are far too busy "going out having a laugh" and "being there for each other 4eva" to do anything worthwhile or solitary. Easily recognised by the relentless mundane chatter about pointless childish incidents incorrectly perceived by the hypersocialists to be amusing and original. They like to throw "wikid" house parties which generally involve drinking Strongbow and White Lightning and listening to the Wurzels (it was vaguely amusing only the first time) until the host gets fed up of being rejected by the many girls he has invited, and insists that everyone "phone for their rides". The evening is topped off by all the guests sitting on the garden wall "aiting for their rides" while the host goes to bed in a strop and The Wurzels play on.....
Hypersocialist: "Oh my God, it was like, so funny, Arron like totally ate a whole candle infront of everyone"

Hypersocialism gives teenagers a bad name
by RubyTuesday March 25, 2006
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