a korean singer who is sexy! really sexy... jaw droppingly sexy... once part of a singing group by the name of Finkl she is now a solo artist and show host
Kenny Lee from Cerritos loves Hyori cuz shes hot!
by AJ October 05, 2003
Top Definition
The finest most gorgeous woman in the universe...there is no other woman that can compare to her beauty she is fine as hell
Lee Hyori there is no one else like her
by Lim Jong suk February 20, 2004
One of the finest korean girl. Actually she might actually be the finest girl out there...
Hyori JJANG!! <~~~ KOREAN (HYORI's THE BEST) <~~~ translation
by hYoRiGajjANG September 15, 2003
A lead singer in Finkl who is now a model and sings by herself. She is by known one of the most beautiful korean girls there is. Another beautiful korean girl is Boa Kwon, one of Hyori's friends.
She has a great voice, so she can definitely sing. Her group werent that successful, but now since she's out of the group, she has become more famous, and is prettier.
by Somebody Else August 21, 2004
To blatantly copy or plagiarise someone else's work and pass it off as your own.
Tim: Hey Joe, you don't look well. Were you up all night writing that term paper?

Joe: Stay up writing, are you kidding? I went online and just cut and paste some paragraphs from various websites and gave that to my prof.

Tim: Oh, you hyoried it!
by Seeds of Truth April 30, 2011
A woman who has no talent for writing songs. She has been involved in numerous plagiarism accusations because she can't write her own songs. She is a cheap ripoff of Britney Spears.

She is a mediocre singer and dancer. She is rumored to have had plastic surgery. She is called pretty a lot, but she has a flat ass, average sized chest, and a stick body.
Person: no...just...no
by NommySkittlez July 17, 2010
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