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A woman who humps whatever gets her wet.
Judy doesn't go just for just guys or girls. She's a hydrosexual and goes for whomever gets her wet.
by Joe Corey February 13, 2004
23 21
One who gets aroused when in water or even worse, looking at water.
taking bath for an hour?? what are you now..a hydrosexual??
by speakerstand March 01, 2009
7 2
Of, relating to, or having a sexual orientation to water.
Marriage is between man and woman, not man and water; we must not promote the Hydrosexual agenda.
by water lover March 28, 2006
19 16
The feeling of sexuality or intimacy with any form of liquid.
Person 1: Dude did you see Michael Leahy?

Person 2: Ya he was REALLY enjoying that water at lunch.

Person 1: I think he might be Hydrosexual
by TechnicParadox June 09, 2013
1 0
One who becomes sexual aroused at the sight, sound, or idea of water. May or may not fantasize about and/or desire sexual intercourse with water.
The hydrosexuals picketted the pool until they were let in to fulfill their desires.
by V. I. Bonaparte February 12, 2013
1 1