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Rock, alternative, or sometimes even hardcore music that has a-little-more-than-subtle similiarities in beat, rhythm, or general sound to rap or hip-hop. Often, a driving, distorted guitar riff will be accompanied by vocals consisting of quick and rhythmic speech. Along with the guitar, it is also popular to include vinyl scratching from a turn table. Drums are often kept more on the aggressive side of rock than on the slow, beat-measuring, heavy hits of a rap sample. Bass tends to consist of basic alternative elements rather than the superfluously loud and low booms from sound samples used in rap. It is also a popular practice to switch between sung portions of the song to spoken sections and back (i.e. chorus and verses sung but the bridge is rapped).

Hybrid rock has great potential (when executed properly) to be enjoyed by groups of people from many different backgrounds and with many different tastes.
Girl: "What are you listening to, dude?"

Boy: -keeps rocking out-


Boy: "Oh, hey... I'm spinning some Linkin Park at this moment. I've got thier "Hybrid Theory" and "Meteora" albums on shuffle! It's pretty kick-butt, if I do say so myself."

Girl: "Oh, what genre are they?"

Boy: "Well, you take rock and get it acquainted with rap. The two will become interested in each other and will go on a date. With time, they will grow closer and fall in love and eventually, after the legal marriage ceremony, they will one day give birth to a child, and that child's name will be Hybrid Rock!"

Girl: "Sounds like an oxymoron."

Boy: "Nah. It's a paradox."
by PhobiaPhrenzy September 17, 2009
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1. While playing hard rock, you tend to mix it with jazz, punk, and ska guitar riffs for a melodic then upbeat sound. Normally played with double bass pedals for the drums and picking on the bass giutar.

2. When a band mixes two or more genres to create a different sound and style than the genres seperately.
" The natural outcome is one of those hybrid rock bands. Their music is hard to explain but easy to listen to."
by thebreadcolonist November 27, 2011
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The combination of two different genres of rock music (i.e. Grunge/Metal, Punk/Hard Rock, Hair Metal/Scream, Death/Punk) and/or the introduction of a completely different genre(i.e. Dub step, Hip Hop, Country, Oldies) into a song or songs to form a new version of rock or "Hybrid Rock".
That new Hybrid Rock was wicked!!!!
by DEZ!!! September 20, 2014
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