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A wonderful girl, who is beautiful, she can be crazy but in a good way. She also loves hugs. She has a great personality. She loves it when you put a smile on her face and she can easily put a smile on yours. She's a handful but its worth it.
Your girlfriend is Hyatt?
Damn you must be lucky!
by niceguy12344 March 23, 2011
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1) A rare sexy name for males.
2) Word meaning Desirable
Hot blond:Wow he sure is hot, whats his name?
Sexy Brunette: His name is Hyatt, every woman's dream.
by Cavedog86 August 20, 2007
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A beyond brilliant individual who has the ability to do anything
When Hyatt is presented with the task of playing four different instruments he can play all four with astounding perfection at the same time.
by followspotop1 April 04, 2011
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the hottest hotel next to the hilton.
the heiress of the hotel is INCREDIBLY attractive. she's hott and she's best friends with Paris Hilton, who is also incredible. someone with the name Hyatt, is automatically a fucking celebrity.
Did you see Sofia Hyatt in Star magazine with Paris Hilton?
by nardisgay June 02, 2006
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Character in the anime, "Excel Saga" Hyatt comes from Mars, brought by the Puchuus for Ilpalazzo and ACROSS. Hyatt is extremely unhealthy, resulting in a "Out of body" experience that typically lasts for about 3 hours. Hyatt also has a habit of coughing blood. At times, she is smart as a tack however, mostly her head remains empty.
by Zennus February 23, 2005
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1) An extreame overexaggeration of something someone did, but inturn makes them look like there as cool as a paper sack
2) Someone of a lower class who is self-centered
3) Slang used in the Midwest to disrespect someone
That kid over there is totally being a hyatt right now!

This kid said he went snowboarding and at the same time he had 3 broken bones, but that didnt stop him from shreading it up on the slopes. DONT BE SUCH A HYATT!!
by Chaz Woodyard May 02, 2008
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A "Hyatt" is a gay memer who uses ironic and satirical to hide their depression and inner sadness, if you encounter a "Hyatt" then your only defense is to text "ha kys fam ur not even lit" and hope for the best 1 meme posted means yes and that the memer will leave, 2 memes means your trapped in the "Hyatt's" prison, at this point you can only hope for the sweet release of death.
Mom: So how is Jessie after what happened?
Son: He's acting fine, I guess, but he keeps spamming "lit" after dabbing, oh and he said he's gay now.
Mom:Honey, Jessie is dead now!
Son: What? Mom what are you saying, what do you mean?You don't think....
Mom: Yes, I'm sorry honey but he's a....ah "Hyatt" now.
The words leave her mouth in a shuttering, almost gasping sound
Son: No, oh god*tears start to form and fall to his cheeks* mom.....he sent me 2 memes
A portal then forms from the air and Jessie then comes out to dab the child in, he wasn't seen ever again.
by Not Hyatt November 29, 2016
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