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Anyone who pronounces "wh" by putting emphasis prior to the w as being said "Hwh"
Saying it in this order is popularized by Stewie Griffin of Family Guy.
Stewie is a hwhipster.

Stewie: Oooo let me have some of that cool hwhip.
Brian: What'd you say?
Stewie: You can't have a pie without cool hwhip.
Brian: Cool "Hwhip?"
Stewie: Cool hwhip, yeah.
Brian: You mean cool whip?
Stewie: Yeah cool hwhip.
Brian: Cool whip?
Stewie: Cool Hwhip.
Brian: Cool whip?
Stewie: Cool Hwhip.
Brian: You're saying it weird, why are you putting so much emphasis on the "h?"
by Penesaur September 17, 2010
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