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A term that describes any hyperactive, annoying, obnoxious, moderately large asian man from California. Loves freshmen girls as well as freshman guys, and frequently wears ridiculous t-shirts. He also loves gmail chat as well as withholding important information from others. Furthermore, he loves it in the pooper and often ROFLAARPs. Can also be used as a verb.
"I just got hwanger-banged with an annoying text this morning."

"Fred is acting like a Hwanger-banger today."

"When is the last time Fred didn't act like a Hwanger-banger?"
by clubswimming October 24, 2008
The act of "wanging" your girl and then banging her. Often used as a nickname for the best asian in the region.
Girl: "So what to you want to do tonight"
Badass: "I'll show you a little HwangerBanger"
by HwangerBanger November 15, 2011
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