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A strong independant woman with a great sense of humour. Very opinionated and open. Contains leadership skills and can be known for being a bitch.
She's such a huyen
by Mary Le July 10, 2008
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The most amazing and beautiful girl in the whole entire world. If you ever meet Huyen then consider yourself extremely lucky because she's the definition of dope. She attracts any and everybody, especially Michael who is crazy about her.
Michael: Hi Huyen, you look amazing today.
Huyen: Thanks, loser.
Michael: -smiles-
by Famous426 May 29, 2009
A girl who posses a big weiner, in addition to being one
Dang did u see her bulg, shes totally a huyen
by llnknp4rk November 29, 2006
A girl ccnncc99 is crazy about.
ccnncc99: "thenthenthen after school huyen hugged me!!"
by Drunken F00l April 30, 2003

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