Fucking friend, Fuck buddy, Fuck mate.
Do you want to be my "Huy"?
by Freakazoid September 13, 2003
Top Definition
Russian word for "cock".
"pashol ti!! blyat' yebanaya anusnaya shluha!! suka nahuy!"
by Jew. December 31, 2004
A little asian boy, who likes to know all the details about everyones sex lives!
Get outta my business you little Huy!
by someone September 12, 2003
Huy , a short azn boi and likes to make jokes and is crazy
Oh look , its another Huy!
by huy March 23, 2003
a vietnamese pimp who can play guitar
i kid named huy he plays guitar and is cool
by Jordan Maresch January 24, 2008
A hot male whore with a sexy body!!!
my bf :)
by qracie February 23, 2004
A guy from the Louisiana region who is wonderful sweet amazing. He takes your breath away, and you fall in love with him immediately. He originates from Vietnam. He's an amazing kisser and will make you feel like a princess. Especially compatible with Kaitlin. :)
I'm in love :)
OMFG you must of found Huy
by artgirla February 21, 2011
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