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The most badass motherfucker on the face of the planet. He's so fucking awesome, Chuck Norris bows down to him. A master with any weapon and a champion at slaying vag, a Hutchins can drink more alcohol than John Belushi cracked out on cocaine.
Dude, did you see that guy just fuck those three bitches while killing a terrorist? He's a Hutchins......
by themookieeye November 17, 2010
to overlook. look at in a weird and/or obscene way. to creep and/or be creeping. Most of the time takes place in pictures from nights before.
"Look at him! He's hutchin' hard!"
"Look at Johnny hutchin'"
"She was totally hutchin' on me"
by chet allen smith November 05, 2009
n. - A bitch who can't hold their liquor and then proceeds to whine about it.
Annie drank way to much and almost killed herself, then she tried to whine about it and blame it on the rum she drank. That bitch.
by The Lifeguard May 17, 2004
A white-ass nerd who likes to play as an intelligent black kid, (when we all know thats impossible). He's VERY insecure. In fact, he will Chat-Log EVERYTHING to make sure you're not talking about him. So be aware, as he will whip out his awesome Irc-Police'ness on your ass!
Have you seen Hutchins My Space? Yeah, he uses the Old HF's leader's RSN as the adress. Check it out!
by hutchlover August 23, 2008
A person who likes to hutch.
that $#!+bag can't be trusted, He's a total hutchins...
by bob nobbs July 31, 2005
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