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The combination of the words ho and bitch, used to describe a female who exhibits characteristics of both.
Did you hear Lindsay Lohan got caught screwing a guy in a bathroom in rehab? What a stupid hutch! I'd do her, though.
by Adddam September 13, 2007
15 27
the word hutch, is a shortened version for the phrase HO-SLUT-BITCH.... HUTCH
"Mrs. Smith is a HUTCH"
by TODD MCNEIL October 18, 2003
412 177
a combination of ho, slut, and bitch.
Shut up, you stupi, dirty ass hutch.
by james September 02, 2003
138 98
It's Ho/Slut/Bitch
That s'reggin King Hutch.<amrik>
by Reggin Neelia December 08, 2003
93 74
One half of the famous crime-fighting team from the 70's TV world.
Did you see Starsky and Hutch last night? It was great.
by Adam Black November 05, 2003
59 55
To strike an unnatractive facial expression during the taking of a photo.
I can't believe he ruined my wedding photos by pulling a hutch in all of them.
by HK number two July 04, 2013
10 7
A boy that is extremely smart. Awesome and is willing to spend time being the fun one. Is an amazing dancer, and rapper. The Hutch is different, it happens to be a guy that cares about everyone and is willing to be a great character with everyone and is funny.
Alex is a hutch.
by MAEA May 09, 2013
7 4
The skin above the clit
Pulling back her hutch to expose her clit
by FOMD August 19, 2013
3 5