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better than the hussan definiton...
O-MY-GOD look at that Hussain, he's way better than Hussan
by SEXY MAN!!! May 22, 2008
Pure awesomeness. A person who is just the best type of person around--noble, worthy, respectful, and..... awesomeness.
That guy is such an Hussain!
by YouIsNoob June 21, 2010
noun (Huss-ayn)

(1) a man of noble rank or possibly your biological father.

(2) (Hussain) a title given formally to the man who sleeps with your mother.
(3) (the Hussain) the asian sensation.

(4) a master or ruler or both or all of the above or Masturbator.

(5) (Hussain) a name for God or Christ.
'That guy stole your bitch, what an Hussain!'
by invAsianOfPrivacy February 10, 2010