(verb). to puke excessively and unexpectedly onto a person.

can also be used with -ed -ing
"Dude, that girl was wasted last night. She hussed all over him"
by Immahussey November 15, 2009
another term for girl/slut/bitch/whore/cunt
tad: hey guys, meet my new gf, simone
geoff(whispers to mark): damn, she is one beat huss
mark: true dat
by langan June 30, 2003
Massive, or cool.
That was fuckin' HUSS !
That test was HUSS!
by Anonymous April 26, 2003
Also known as a Hussy.

A girl who is easy, "fast", and travels quickly around the bases (1st base, 2nd base, etc.)
Guy #1: So how far did you get with that girl?
Guy #2: Man, she experienced! We went all the way on the first date!
Guy #1: Whoa, I don't know any girls besides sluts that go that far on the first date.
Guy #2: She was a huss! Damn slut.
by KennedySuicide April 15, 2006
Short for Hustle.
Jennifer Lopez-I'll sell you this caot for $10000000

Brad Pitt-Ok

Beyonce'-That was a huss. She bought that coat for $5.
by Jocelyn a.k.a. Jozzie/TinaBoo December 10, 2005
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