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Southern Comfort Whiskey and Pineapple Juice
Want a shot of husky piss? Husky piss is delicious. Let's make some husky piss.
by pseudonymmmmmmm1234 January 28, 2011
It is a new drink me and a buddy just made....we started off making something in the lines of a duck fart. We decided to make a large on the rocks drink, we combined a 9.5oz starbucks mocha frappuccino with 4 shots of bailey's irish cream then added approx. 1 1/2 shots of jameson irish whiskey. Do to me being a University of Washington fan, surrounded by Duck fans, I decided to call it the huskey piss.
I drank a Husky Piss last night. Could you please pass my Husky Piss over? I'll make you a Husky Piss.
by Aaron Ham June 12, 2008