The Northern Illinois University Mascot.
Student 1: You go to NIU?
Student 2: Yeap I'm a Huskie!
by its marisa duh October 06, 2007
Top Definition
A way to make fun of fat OPRF boys and girls.

It is also a slow burn. May take several hours to take effect.
OPRF girl: You guys are losers you should stay home and...find a better uniform, or something!

Fenwick guys: STFU huskie!

OPRF: Yea, I go to OPRF that is our mascot what's your point... OH you jerks!
by LWxxDark Wolf September 05, 2009
A girl who is fat AND dangerous. Huskies tend to be aggressive, relentlessly prowling after men even when it is obvious that the men are doing everything they can to avoid them.
How did this huskie get my number and my house address?? She won't leave me alone! Son of a bitch!
by franktownmarsh July 10, 2008
One of the best furry artist in the world
Huskie you rock!!!
by Razak September 05, 2003
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