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1. The greatest punk rock band ever.
2. A children's board game meaning "Do You Remember?". Kind of like Memory or Concentration.
Well sure, Nirvana was great but they wouldn't exist if not for Husker Du!
by NewDayRising October 06, 2003
Hüsker Dü means "Do you remember" in Sweedish
Hüsker Dü when Tod played paintball?
by Hüsker May 25, 2007
I think they are the most overrated band of all time. I listen to their albums, and most of them are pretty bland, dull, mediocre. Whatever. They're overrated. The Pixies are much better.

This definition is probably going to a lot of thumbs down.

Husker Du - Most overrated underground band of the 80s.
by Kongamuse September 04, 2011
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