A natural disaster that was made 10 times worse by an incompetent Federal response, and the fact that most of the National Guard is now in Iraq. A natural disaster that shows that our worthless stooge of a President is totally incapable of the job people voted him in for.
Hurricane Katrina caused part of the misery, the Bush adminstration provided the rest.
by T.M. Servo September 14, 2005
One nasty motherfucking hurricane. Went and walked all over New Orleans.
"Y'know Bob, in New Orleans? Yeah, his wife got killed by Hurricane Katrina."
"Shit. So it goes."
by Necrotol (Hello OT Clique!) September 01, 2005
A hurricane that impacted the southeastern United Staes, causing extensive damage and flooding.
"Hurricane Katrina is a Bastard"
by herrbodezimmer September 02, 2005
Some form of weather phenomenon that allows people to live in domed structures and urinate on floors.

Can also be used as an excuse for looting and raping, but only in America.

"I really need a slash, a shag and a new telly."

"Right, just tell the police that a Hurricane Katrina hit your house. You can slash on the floor, nick a telly and then rape your neighbours."
by Rat Fans September 15, 2005
The moment in history when the USA revealed to the world the hollowness of its claim to being the richest nation.
World leader: "I thought the USA was rich and powerful until hurricane katrina"
by Brindabella September 15, 2005
A Nickname now used by Katrinas after the Actual Hurricane in New Orleans.
"oh shit here come Hurricane Katrina! I wonder if she can blow like a Hurricane?"
by Hurricane Katrina707 August 13, 2009
The conspiracy that was set up by Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississippi River to take back the area between them-New Orleans. Their mortal enemy were the New Orleans levees, which had restricted their area for more than 300 years. The two bribed the Atlantic Ocean to throw a powerful hurricane at the City That Care Forgot. When conditions where right-Republicans in control and global warming rampart, Atlantia threw a powerful hurricane at the Gulf of Mexico. The child was christened Katrina. Unfortunately, Katrina got drunk and killed 10 people in Florida. Then, Katrina sobered up and headed towards New Orleans as a Category 4. It cause hell in NO, but the levees suffered the most and flooded New Orleans, killing 1,500+ people. Unfortunately, all the water was sucked out of New Orleans and now it's just a third world hellhole.
Mississippi and Ponty's plan failed when Hurricane Katrina was
by kyem2010 October 15, 2005

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