an embarrassment for America that the entire planet, no, the entire UNIVERSE saw. It exposed the incompetence, stupidity and uncaring attitudes that have plagued the U.S.A. for a long time.
1.I saw TV coverage of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina had come and left. A TV news reporter was there, talking about gangs looting, shooting and causing trouble. Several thousands were without electricity, shelter, food, drink, medicine, restroom facilities and other essentials that were needed NOW. The reporter spoke about how the National Guard, Red Cross, disaster relief and others were "blocked" from entering the city because "the gangs were too violent and were preventing help from getting in". Yeah, right. The Guard and the relief could've mowed down them stupid gangstas with their large vehicles. There were some armored cars for Pete's sake! The sun had just set and the TV idiot talked about "the city descending into anarchy", and yet relief didn't get in for nearly a fucking week! This display of gross incompetence was seen all over the world and it showed in living color the incompetence, corruption and absolute STUPIDity rampant in America.

On top of that, some people elsewhere were saying "why should we rebuild New Orleans? It was built six feet below sea level!". Cretins! Ignorant IDIOTS! Then some people around here were distributing some boneheaded paper about "how God sent this hurricane to punish the city for having a "fag-fest" (I looked it up - it refers to "Southern Decadence". It's some sort of cultural fair for gay people. There's nothing kinky, bizarre or offensive about what the festival goers do there. It's pretty much a "cultural" pride celebration with many activities - none sexual). Then why don't God destroy San Francisco? I've been there and other cities have many gays.

Anyway, after relief FINALLY came to the Crescent City the residents were given pseudo-credit cards to make needed purchases. Soon the TV news broadcasts were showing some people abusing the relief cards to get their hair cornrowed, to get tattoos, buy TVs and more. Guess what color those few select relief fund wasters were?

You get one guess.

2. Dick Head: Looka them coons misusing their free ride from the government!

Me: *** POW!!! (I jack slap this moron on his concrete head so hard he falls out of the LaZ Boy chair and onto the floor). ***

Man, this ignorant, crass attitude really pisses me off BIG TIME! And all that time the geeky TV imbeciles who were looking for journalism awards later on were just standing around dumbly. But worst of all some of the American public were so callous, so crass, so comfortably dumb from years of indifference, ignorance, and a shit happens outlook (not to mention the showing of war as entertainment and the ignored recession)- this is a markedly vivid and clear case of what was wrong in America in the 21st century. The hairbrained response and media coverage of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath is a like a pus filled boil, worst than a zit. It's an absolute shame, an embarassment of the highest degree. A total disgrace. Complete unexcusable bullshit. No excuse whatsoever.
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by I Remember Now July 08, 2009
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A very large hurricane that made landfall on August 28, 2005, a few miles to the east of New Orleans. Was a category 5 hurricane with winds in access of 170 MPH at first, but weakened before landfall to a strong category 4. Flooded 4/5 of new orleans, and wiped out many small communities along the coastline. Hundreds dead or missing. One of the worst hurricanes to hit the U.S. in recent history.
Thank god Hurricane Katrina didn't hit houston, and bless the souls of those who did get hit...
by Rush8192 August 30, 2005
A huge ass hurricane that everyone seems to think ONLY destroyed New Orleans, when in fact the whole damn Mississippi coast is GONE!!!!
Also known as the hurricane that ONLY hit New Orleans
"Hey, did you hear about that hurricane, the one that tore up New Orleans?"

Every documentary on Hurricane Katrina is about NEW ORLEANS!
#new orleans #louisiana #hell #fema #fema trailers
by JRG June 07, 2006
The hurricane that totally destroyed New Orleans and whatever is surrounding it. People have been dying every day and still are (people are still stranded as I write this)
Hurricane Katrina is by far the most devastating hurricane we have ever seen.
by Emerald September 04, 2005
A hurricane that struck the gulf coast in August, 2005. The city of New Orleans and the Mississippi coast were destroyed. Many people lost their lives, black, white, hispanic, asian, does it really matter? the point is the storm was horrible. People get caught up (Kanye West) and say "George Bush doesn't care about black people". Not only black people people lived in New Orleans. and I think a more accurate statement would be "George bush doesn't care about people." When people die and a city is lost why do people look at races and blame people? The point is innocent people died, R.I.P. New Orleans is like Atlantis once a thriving city now under water. Hopefully New Orleans will get back on its feet and thrive like it used to.
All races are equal. Hurricane Katrina wasn't racist, she killed anyone in her way, so don't be ignorant and say only black people died.
#new orleans #louisiana #mississippi #alabama #florida #sad #n.o
by Jersey Kid November 28, 2007
Hurricane Katrina was a Catagory 5 Hurricane that missed the city of New Orleans by 20 miles, yet caused massive flooding of 80% of the city (up to 25 feet deep) and may/will be the most costly natural disaster in the USA.
All of the Inner-Loop hotels in Houston, Texas where overbooked due to Hurricane Katrina.

Costs of the hurricane are estimated to be from 15-80 Billion USD
by Jahn Argosa August 30, 2005
Seen as a right of passage in most groups of friends, the Hurricane Katrina (Often referred to as "The HK") is performed the night of birthday parties at midnight, usually starting at age of 20. The sequence of events goes as follows
At midnight, everyone at the party starts chanting "Hurricane Katrina" and begins to Make their way outside. Everyone gathers around the birthday boy/girl. Once everyone is gathered, the birthday boy/girl takes a handle of alcohol of their choice and takes a pull for as long as possible. As soon as the pull is complete, a bucket or a few cups of water are thrown on the birthday boy/girl. Directly after the water, the birthday boy/girl gets an extremely hard slap across the face (The birthday boy/girl gets to decide who slaps them ahead of time). Once the HK is complete, partying resumes with the birthday boy/girl's new found glory.
Nick: I'm really nervous about the HK man.

Ned: Don't be such a pussy. And make sure not to take a pussy pull. 5 seconds minimum.
Nick: I won't, my rep is on the line here

Erin: Did you see Nick's Hurricane Katrina?
Sam: Yeah, it was nuts. He got slapped so hard
Erin: For real, he's definitely going to be feeling that tomorrow.
Sam: He certainly got huge respect for him now
#hurricane #kanye west #orleans #beer #disaster #barfday #birthday #celebration #celebrate #cake #birth #alcohol #popularity #facebook #respect
by 7Raulphie January 22, 2011
A natural disaster that was made 10 times worse by an incompetent Federal response, and the fact that most of the National Guard is now in Iraq. A natural disaster that shows that our worthless stooge of a President is totally incapable of the job people voted him in for.
Hurricane Katrina caused part of the misery, the Bush adminstration provided the rest.
by jesster79 September 14, 2005
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