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A hilarious face which involves sticking your bottom jaw out to your fullest ability (along with with an EXTREMELY large smile), extending your nostrils very widely, and raising the eyebrows. For a larger affect, most increase the size of their eyes.
"Woah! Look at HER FACE!"
"Yeah, that's a hurrea right there."
by Shaniiqua. April 30, 2010
A species from Hurrea Pond, Jupiter who have a deformed face and messed up grammar. You can catch them waving and screaming "Itsh da hurrea shelebrity" out of car windows as well as abusing their enemies, Earthians, on Omegle.
"Yo why is there a hurrea in that car?"
"Oh, didn't you hear? That's an ambassador from Jupiter visiting us."
by Hurrea G May 01, 2010
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