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A poor shit hole left behind when Charlotte began to modernize. All the street lights still hang on ropes like the did when they were first fucking invented. There are no more than 2 schools that aren't over 250 years old. Its filled rednecks and soccer moms that can not afford the niceties of Charlotte. Most people have no driving skill whatsoever. Best known as the asshole of North Carolina, Always missing any kind of good weather. Everything here looks and smells as ridiculously ancient as it is. Most people are old, rude or some combo of the two. Most people under the age of 19 that have lived in this cock munch of a town end up running away from it before they are legal to do so. Hardest thing to find is someone that looks like they have showered within the last few weeks. And that doesn't have a pony-tail.
I would rather shit a chicken than live in or around huntersville NC.
by pøøperscooper March 18, 2009

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