Born May 14, 1976.
Third and current bassist for A Fire Inside (AFI}. Multi-talented, can play drums, bass, guitar, saxophone and piano.
Obsessed with pirates. Has a tattoo of a pirate ship.
Likes old Prince, has a side project called Hunter Revenge.
Hunter Burgan used to have bleah-blonde hair, and is now bald, which actually looks better.
by Carter June 19, 2006
Top Definition
bass player of ownage for afi
and wonderful
and funny
and beautiful

kinda like the rest of them... sept, not all play bass...
mmmmmmmmmmm *drools* hunter...........
The bassist for the best band in the world, AFI, who just happens to also be the hottest guy in the world. He likes to bleach his hair and make weird faces when taking pictures. It's so cute : P!! I LOVE HUNTER!!!!
That guy over there wearing all black with the bleached hair is really hot!!! He kinda looks like Hunter Burgan!
by the star beneath the stairs August 06, 2003
An awesome man, who as well can wear pink and look awesomely great in it, and who is one of the greatest bass players in the world today.
First Person:"Dude, you so play like Hunter Burgan!"
Other person: "Oh wow, I'm so flattered!"
by Rita June 30, 2003
The Bassist of AFI. A cool, blonde, balding, rogaine addicted, scowling lovemuffin. Is crazy cool and a total ladies man. Also known as Steve Angel
Dude, Hunter Burgan totally rocks on The Great Dissappointment!
by SquigglyBrow July 15, 2004
really fucking awesome bass player of afi who happens to be really hot! he also likes to make weird funny faces and bleach his hair! whoah hunter's pretty cool.
random person 1: fucking hunter! whats up?

hunter: nothing just bleaching my hair while making this funny face and being extremely hot at the same time! plus im an incredible bass player!

really, he is. heh. he's such a tiger.
by kristen August 06, 2003
Bassist for the best band AFI, and one of the greatest bassists.. also the sexiest man alive. VERY HOT
by Diana Walsh May 25, 2003
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