a 'sweet' name that your nan/auntie would call you. a bit like petal, sweetie, sweet pea. i say nan/auntie because it is usually the older generation.
OK then hunnybuns!

Love you hunnybuns!
by SpeakerBoxx UK August 11, 2005
Top Definition
This person is bound to be not only your love, but your best friend as well. She
is someone that can take your breath away by just starring into your eyes. She
will be the keeper of the key to your heart and will always keep it safe.
Francesca is your one and only love, so keep her safe and close to your heart and never let go.
Jack: After about 3 year i finally have her, i love my hunny bun
by Vasilyev May 07, 2009
Short female with a nice ass
"Nikki got the hunny bun."
by MonieMarie March 11, 2016
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