Popular board game inspired by "Mary Pope."
Mommy!!!! Mommy!!! The fat lady is backing up! Listen - BEEEEp BEEEP BEEp!
Wanting to bang the current person you are with or close to (your hippo)
;your hungry for close relations- wanting to get in their pants
check out the badonkadonk on that hoe! that guys gots to keep his hoe on a leash fo sho!

damn shes makin me a hungry hungry hippo- i've gotta get riding my hippo YEEHHAAA

go ride yo hippo latar fo sho xizzle
by a. p. gullivar January 04, 2006
A children's game which is solely responsible for my eating disorder.
Damn you Hungry Hungry Hippos. Damn you to hell!
by The Toe January 09, 2004
1) a children's game that is played by drunk/high teens

2) euphemism for sex
"want to play hungry hungry hippos?"
by Whatevah September 21, 2007
A term for excessively greedy, ravenous people.
Those hungry hungry hippos are fighting over that pathetic sandwich.
by Gopi D. January 03, 2004
Hippies that have succumbed to the munchies too many times.
Me and 3 other hungry hungry hippos went to Pizza Hut and spent 58 bucks.
by nomorebushpleasegodnomorebush March 27, 2004
A classic childrens game in which you press repeatedly on a lever to open your hippo's mouth. The goal is for your hippo to eat the most marbles.
"The party would have been fun if we hadn't been forced to play drunken hungry hungry hippos."
by Katy December 25, 2003

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