The alternate definition only tells half the story; this big-boned female will get a taste of the cock, but then her hunger will overtake her. She'll rip off the penis, chomp into the hip, rip off your legs and put 'em in BBQ sauce, then put the rest of you in a deep fryer.
What the HELL are you doing you hungry hippo? AUUGHH MY PENIS.... AUUGHHH MY HIPS.... AUGHH MY LEGS.... NOT THE DEEP FRYER...! AUUUUGHHHHH....
Top Definition
Based on the popular board game, this phrase is used when an individual prickteases a group of fat girls who are hungry for cock to the point that they will gobble the individual's genitalia with wide mouthed precision if they get within close proximity. Obviously this is done for the amusement of the individual but if care is not taken, it can lead to drastic consequences.
"The sign reads 'Don't feed the hungry hippos'.. fuck it, let's taunt the fat fuckers anyway, they can't catch us"
by Jack Jismouth August 01, 2009
Another immature yet mildly amusing term created by the bashface crew.
Initially a nickname given to a younger crew member, the term has grown from strength to strength due to its increase in use.
The term describes a person who, either wants/needs/(is hungry for!) to take illegal substances, and due to this hunger,they become obsessed and attached to many aspects of the drug such as people,raves,staying over at peoples houses for extended lengths of time etc!
It is overall a joking, yet mildy undermeaning term.
"Good Evening (Hungry) Hippos, how are we all ?"


"Who was that on the phone?"
"Oh it Was some hungry hippos!"
by al phillips February 02, 2008
A shooter made of an ounce and a half of vodka, half an ounce blue curaçao, and a splash of grenadine. The shooter is purple in color, named after the popular children's game, The Hungry Hungry Hippos. Origin: Mistaking "Buttery Nipples" for "Hungry Hippos" in the lyrics of the song "Shots" by LMFAO and Lil' John. Created by Jeanette Castillo, Kyle Dodd, and Jaimee Beck in 2012.
"Can we get 4 Hungry Hippo shooters?"

"Buttery Nipples?! I thought they were saying Hungry Hippos!"
by JCJBKD October 27, 2012
A large-boned female who makes up for her lack of physical attractiveness by always being prepared to chomp on your pork sausage !
Fuck me, she may have been the size of a house, but boy was she a hungry hippo !!
by Andrew Nicholson November 23, 2004
when a women is giving you head and puts both your balls in her mout... like the game hungry hungry hippo.....
damm she hungry hippoed my balls stuck then in her mouth
by datkrazymexikan November 06, 2009
When too-tight pants lose the fight against a gigantic ass.
"That girl has a bad case of hungry hippo. She shouldn't be tryin' to pull off a size 0!"
by mossyrock September 03, 2014
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