An abbreviation for how you feel after a long, long eventful night of drinking (raging). Often expressed in a calm manner to justify to your friends why you

a) missed plans with them/showed late and looked like hell

b) just ate lots of greasy food or

c) just want to do weird stuff that makes you feel somewhat more human all day
*call* "where are you? we are late for you to meet my mom at brunch"
"sorry, i am so hungo, i need to pull myself together. Give me 10 min."
by sunshinen August 14, 2011
Top Definition
Someone who holds the ball or puck too long and doesn't pass.
Jay thinks he is Jordan. He isn't giving up the ball. He is such a hungo.
by Forba March 22, 2007
To be extremely hungry; famished or starving.
Man 1 : Hey man, let's go get some lunch!!
Man 2 : Relax man, it is only 10:30.
Man 1 : But I am fucking hungos!!
Man 2 : Oh, in that case, let's get you taken care of.
by Gene Hurtzko November 05, 2009
A really hungry ugly person.
Dude, Kristin Colombo is so hungo!!!
by Greian January 26, 2007
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