An infinitesimal and irrelevant country in Central Europe cursed by both an exaggerated sense of self-importance and a national inferiority complex that can be traced back to the fact that anything that it has ever achieved is due to either German immigrants or Jewish emigrants- most often based at top U.S. universities.
Boasting the one of the highest rates of heart disease, depression, cancer and suicide in the world, Hungarians are known for their uncanny ability to sabotage anything and alienate anyone they come into contact with. For Hungarians to do anything but lie, cheat and steal at every available opportunity is a badge of sophistication.

Nicknamed as the "country of no consequences" (to foreigners: "a country of no consequence"), Hungary's most outstanding achievement in the 20th century has been its remarkable ability to completely squander the economic and political lead it once had compared with other Central European countries after the fall of Communism. Slovakia now has higher per capita GDP and Romania will join the Eurozone before Hungary. Both of these would have been unthinkable ten years ago. Good thing the country is too insignificant for anyone else on Planet Earth to notice. Hungary's greatest impact on contemporary global culture has been its production of a disproportionately large number of porn stars- and the success of the Jews it ejected from the country. The contrast between the pulchritude of the women and the shabby and the sock and sandal wearing know-it-all men accounts for Hungarian womens' predilection to spawn with foreigners. Good thing the men are usually dead by 55...
by Lajos Kossuth March 12, 2008
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