A Central Europian country. It is well-known by most people (excluding most of the USA) for its national food (the Goulash Soup, made of vegetables, paprika and beef), Lake Balaton ("the Hungarian Sea"), for its smart people and what is the most famous about Hungary: chicks. Because people say that about 95% of them look the best in the world.

Hungarians were a nomadic group from near Baskiria, near the Uralian mountain. Hungary came to be in about 900 DC. The hungarians were first led by Álmos, but he was killed and afterwards was led by Árpád. Because their fighting style was unknown, they were victorious on most countries, and so Hungary was a huge empire.
However, long story short, Hungary was attacked by the mongolians in around 1421, was under Turkish dominion for 150 years, then was under Austrian dominion for 300 years, then was under Soviet dominion until 1989. And under these dominions, Hungary took the wrong choices and was forced to become 93000 square kilometer big. The biggest territory cut-down was made in Trianon, at the end of World War I.

Hungary has almost no relationship to huns. And so, Attila the Hun was NOT hungarian. He was the King of the Huns.
The name is said to be derived from an old hungarian word "onogur". Although, almost no hungarians know what that means, except History Teachers. They say Hungarians might be related to Finns or the Turkish.

Hungary's population is 10,1 million. Out of that, 1,7 million live in the main city, Budapest. It is said to be a beautiful place, if you don't look at the homeless people.

Around 200,000 to 500,000 of Hungary's population consists of gypsies. Hungarians have a stereotype of them: they don't learn anything at school, don't wash themselves, they lie, cheat, and steal, and they are not even people. Hungarians are usually racists against them... Also, hungarians are said to be racists, but that is not true for every of them.

Many of Hungarian scientists went out to the USA and there they have created many huge breakthroughs. For example, the Hydrogenic Bomb by Edward Teller.
RandomDude01: Where are you from?
Me: Hungary.
RandomDude01: Wow, that's pretty cool.
RandomDude02: Hungary? WTF is Hungary?
by Zhuinden May 25, 2007
A country filled with chicks who have amazing bodies, round features, and are probably smarter than you, but dont worry, their head is filled with sexual knowledge. Amazing palce to party or go shopping, go chill in the malls you find in any district and end up spendign less money than you would in most western countrys's mcdonald'. Unfortunately lots of gypsies immigrate from romania...these people are uneducated and probably couldnt find good internet cuz they were lookign for it in the bakery like the example above. So...alcohol, girls, and chilling. If you are not romanian you are wellcome to enjoy the cheap luxury which is hungary.
people chilling in hungary - hey, this is awesome, my dick's been up eversince we got to this place, I cant decide which girl to go with, wanna get drunk? - sure man, its so cheap, we could also do whatever the fuck we wanted, this place rules

meanwhile in romania:

romanian #1 - hey lets go to hungary and fuck it up
romanian #2 - no, plese pick my ass instead
romanian #1 - ok
by number2 October 11, 2005
The country with the hottest women in Central Europe (only Italy and Spain have better looking women). Also, some fantastic architecture and a long history.
The capital of Hungary, Budapest, has some of the most amazing buildings one will ever see
by Rattus cattus September 14, 2006
1. Noun; A country in eastern Europe - geographically located on a map in central Europe, but when one resides in the country, one is well aware of the fact that it is actually eastern Europe.

2. Noun; A country which would be nice to live in, if it weren't for the people.

3. Noun; A country famous for paprika, goulash, unfairly well figured women, ugly men, mafia, being atheist, turo rudi, fornetti, Tokaj & Eger wines, rude behavior, sluts, porn, tattooed eyebrows, cheap services, dumpster divers, the worst drivers in the world (yes, worse than Italians - by FAR!), sausages that look like grey snakes, and chauvinistic men
A: Woman! I'm an unemployed, fat, bowling ball headed mafioso...you're supposed to be cooking, cleaning, working to support us both and birthing children at the same time!
B: Yes, my lord. I know we are in Hungary, and this is the way women are supposed to be treated.

A: This paprika really brings out the flavor in this Goulash!
B: Yes, Goulash and paprika are both from Hungary. It's a law in Hungary to put paprika in every meal.

A: Why are you going to Hungary...are you hungry? Bahahhahah
B: You're a douche. Like I've never heard that one before...
by ThisMasquerade July 04, 2011
A country full of racist assholes who think that they're the Aryan race, although the Aryans are a people who became today's Iranians and Indians. Well known for collaborating with the Nazis in World War II and exterminating thousands of innocent Jews, Romanians, Serbs, and Roma.
They also think that any non-Hungarian is a "gypsy".
Stupid American: I'm going to Hungary for vacation.
Serb: Why? Those assholes attempted to exterminate my people!
Romanian: They occupied Transylvania!
Romany: They hate us for no reason!
Jew: Those fucking Nazis...
by RomanianSerb July 12, 2012
Unlike being hungarian, to be hungary means to be hungry of Gary Allan.
"I saw Gary last night on TV and I was soooo hungary"
by The C. Geek April 01, 2009
Hungary is a poor country in Eastern Europe where everybody expects that a foreigner speaks Hungarian. If you do not speak it you might have a hard time getting arround. Hopefully youngsters have some English knowledge but do not expect all of them speak it. Hungarian is related only to Finnish and gives you a wide range of swearing possibilities. One of their traditional dishes is "gulas" a beef vegetable stew with tomato sauce.
You can meet really nice people (open minded) but also chauvinistic people who still live in the past dreaming about the lost Empire (the "we are the best, f..k the rest" kind of people). Budapest which is Hungary's capital is full of historical sites.
We're in dire straits cause in Hungary they don't speak much English.
Swear like a Hungarian.
by RHB September 20, 2006
Hungary is a cheap, poor country with gypsies and ugly, half-Mongolian half-gypsy women. The country is close to Ukraine and Romania geographically, even though it doesn't reach the beauty of those two countries because the country is full of fags.

Hungary, from what I've read, seems to be jealous of Romania because of their hot girls and the lower gypsy population number. Also, they believe Transylvania belongs to them.

Hungarians can't eat anything without some magical ingredient (wat).

Hungary has demented politicians and men die before age 60.

The country has it's good sides too.. I think? Good food, and I sure hope it with a name sounding like 'hungry'.
Hungary is so cool.
by justicebringer January 18, 2012

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