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Its what you MAY or may NOT be BEFORE you become the center of attention at a public hangin, and what you will definetly be AFTER....
"Richard, That vile man hangin in the tree IS, at least, well hung". "Peter, No he's not! He's still kickin'"
by CunningLinguist January 03, 2005
to have a big dick
Dude, I'm hung like a horse. or Damn, he's hung like an army mule!
by caesar December 09, 2003
To posses male genitals that are larger than average, espcially with regard to length, and especially with regard to the penis.

Often used with "well-" as an adjective, or else as a simile, as in "hung like a donkey".
James is so well-hung his party trick is to tie a knot in it.
by Wino September 17, 2004
To have a penis so long, that when flaccid it appears to be 'hanging' loose from the body, with the tip past the balls.

Contrary to definition #8, this is not race-modified, the only criteria being that the penis is long enough to 'hang'.

Also not precisely the same has having a 'huge' penis, as it is possible to be 'hung' yet have a narrow penis. This is seen most often in African-American males.
Tyrone was hung but pencil-dicked, Tonya found out much to her suprise.
Brad was so hung he had to tuck his dick under when he wore shorts.
by Anonymous Thomas January 04, 2006
To have an monstrously huge dick.
Danny is hung like a horse, it's 12 inches!
by Ryan Porubensky February 16, 2005
The state of a male having a well-endowed penis, above the majority of men. Hung implies that a guy is at least 7.5" in lenght when erect, at least 2" in width and 5.5" in girth.
Andre is hung.

Hung men feature in porn videos.

A guy can haved a toned, slim body and be hung.
by Andre June 14, 2006
Short for hungry. Hung is pronounced with more emphasis on the final "G" sound than the "NG" sound. Used predominantly by women, and confusing to men (due to the more common usage with regard to a large penis).
"I'm so hung, I could eat a horse"
by Celeb 17 June 30, 2013
A term originating in University Park at Pennstate, 2007. It is a shortened version of the word, "hungry," but used in context, it describes being hungry for either the female or male genitalia. It is often used towards those who haven't gotten "any" in a while or are addicted to getting some all the time.
AJ hasn't seen his girlfriend in forever, he must be really hungs.

Maria is with a new guy every night, she is so hungs.

(After being caught licking a taco whilst envisioning a woman and displaying clear affection for the mexican cuisine)
Alex: Umm hey Ronald, you hungs?
Ron: Yeah man I am
by Mary-Jane Cannibis July 22, 2008