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This phrase...once thought to be part of a long dead language lost to humanity came into usage around the 10th of August 2005 after several college students made a startling discovering at a house party...The "Konnoh" in question is as advertised..."Hung"...and as witnessed by a farely startled few students this "Konnoh" roamed the houses grounds displaying his manhood to whom ever had the eye capacity to percieve it in all its glory...quotes from various sources circled the party like a game of chinese whispers..."like an arm holding an apple" was one of many examples...so to some up...being "Hung like a Konnoh" is to be endowed with very large penis...
Was that a human looking horse walking past with its cock out or is that dude just "Hung like a Konnoh"
by The J-Man...Party Liaison August 10, 2005

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