Hundie JO! is listed as a noun, verb, salutation, greeting, parting phrase, adv., adj., and several other peices of grammer yet invented.

The offical deffinition is The Universal Salng for all things Universal.

The phrase is said to have originated from the 2nd floor of the men's dormatory at A mid-western Christian College in MO in the year 2002. The phrase quickly moved to the third floor and subsequently to Kansas City, St. Louis, North Carorlina, and Guam.

In the months after the phrase's inception it has took root in California. The influence in the Banking community has been heavy. The phrase has found it's way into the training manuals there.

The creater's of the phrase where hard at work at the College to create a term to rival the cancerous "Whazzzup?!" that had been eating away at society for several years.

After several tries the answer was finally stumbled upon by Honzo. Honzo has been label by some an irreligous liberal and other people have called him a vicious right-wing conservative christian.
by Olorin October 02, 2003
Top Definition
1: The Universal slang for all things Universal
2: Holla'
3: Greeting
4: Parting
5: Congradulations
Hundie Jo!, how are you doing, Matt?
by Honzo August 02, 2003
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