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1- An American actor and cultural icon. The American Film Institute ranked Bogart as the Greatest Male Star in the history of American Cinema.

2- A handsome devil who runs cross country and likes to talk to girls.

3- Used when talking about your best friend's crush so no one knows who your exactly talking about.
1- Did you see Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca?! He was amazing.

2- Did you see him with Shirley at practice? What a Humphrey Bogart...

3- Did you see Humphrey Bogart in the hall this morning, Moe?? Hardy Har Har *nudge nudge*
by LucilleBallIsMyNameTrickk March 02, 2011
Just as your about to ejaculate during sex you pull your penis out of your partner and you blow your load all over their face while saying, "Here's looking at you kid".
I did a Humphrey Bogart to that chick I slept with last night!!!
by BigDaddyMic September 05, 2012
When you either knock someone unconscious, or kill them, then take a dump in their mouth so it looks like they're smoking a cigar.
There will be a Humphrey Bogart in the near future for you, young lady.
by TheAngryInch April 19, 2010
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