hummelstown is a small town next to hershey pa.
it is known to be mad boring for most people, until drugs come into the picture. you can catch most hummelstown kids/teens/adults under the influence of marijuana/coricidin/coke/alcohol/acid/shrooms/vikes/etc.
but anyway, if ur lookin for a place with mad fuckin retarded police who drive chargers and dont know what there doing, go to hummelstown.
if your looking for a place thats chill to smoke and drink and all that, but have absolutely nothing to do, go to hummelstown....
btw lower dump high school is a piece of shit and the faculty can go suck a big fat cock, which most might, cause there all fuckin faggots....enough said
p1: yo lets go to hummelstown so we can get fucked upp
p2: yeah then we can sit around and do nothing for a long time
p1,p2: yeyeyeyey!!
by brookebitch February 24, 2011
Top Definition
A hick town in Pennsylvania, sometimes called the ghetto of Hershey, PA. 2 miles west of Hershey and 10 miles east of Harrisburg. This town also happens to be the bomb diggity. Area code is 717.

is also called the HTP.
"What you wanna do today, fish on the Swatty, eat at Dempsey's, or absolutely jack shit?"
"I don't know man. Hummelstown, you know, too much going on."

"So I hear you're moving out of the big city and into the small town."
"Yeah dogg I couldn't handle the bustling metropolis of Hershey. Hummelstown's where it's at. I got a pretty good place on the back streets by Chick's Tavern."
"What's it gonna cost you."
"$420 a month. And believe me dogg that's no coincidence."
"Haha right on."
"Sometimes you just gotta smoke."
by Nick D February 19, 2004
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