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1. The act of turning your dog upside down and licking it's testicles.

2. Someone who does not want to join into any fun activities, especially Christmas.

3. The hair extension you recieve on your anus.
1. Dude I totatlly humbuged my dog last night!

2. Jon was being such a humbug yesterday. He wouldn't let me humbug his dog.

3. Mary got some humbugs so that she could wear a bathing suit and remain warm.
by jaimedeanjimmy May 24, 2009
an annoying person who loves to lick his toes

Man Charles sure is a humbug!
by emeraldstar March 22, 2009
when you meet a girl and have sex with her the same night.
Man i fucked that bitch off da humbug
by charlie February 28, 2004