a person that begs alot. They usually are cool so u let them in ur clique but u hate to be around them cuz they snakes they lie, sometimes are lame and they beg alot.
Jessica is my best friend but she a hum bug. I cant never have shit around her.
by Big Booty Judy Pooh January 25, 2009
A word which is used by Mr. Justin where he will allow people to go to his house. Especially Jaye because he is very handsome.
Gabby : So Justin can I go to your house?
Justin : humbug
by ABCDjayeispogiEFGH August 24, 2011
A waste of time. The wrong choice for a night out
"You went out thinking you were going to have alot of fun and it turned out to be a humbug."
by Micah Turner June 11, 2009
A sweet that all old people eat.
Darn! I've run out of Werther's Original. I'd better open a pack of humbugs.
by the sexy monkey May 05, 2005
the tortoise icon on msn.
amelia is wrong, the tortoise IS called humbug.
by sharperz May 05, 2008
A round black and white marbled inconsistancy in the otherwise yellow shit of a young baby and caused by previously taking a spoonful of gripe water.
"Darling, did Billy have colic last night?" "Yes....yes he did...how do know <amazed>" "oh just that he's blown a humbug into his wad"
by Brucester September 13, 2006
when someone gives an anonymous tip either to the police or somebody.
i got caught off in some bullshit on some humbug type shit.
by sexyblack August 27, 2006
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