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The Humber Claw is used to Investigate the female organ. Also referred to as a Speculum.
Molded from the two fingers of the great Mr. Humber the Humber Claw is broad half tube which is bent at about a 90 degree angle, with the channel of the tube on the exterior side of the angle. One end of the tube has a roughly spherical metal weight surrounding the channel of the speculum. A weighted speculum is placed in the vagina during vaginal surgery with the patient in the lithotomy position. The weight holds the speculum in place and frees the surgeon's hands for other task
n:They jaws of life isn't gonna work on this one, get the Humber Claws!

v: The Humber Claw was on of the many toys in susies party shoe box.
by Stache man May 06, 2009
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