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Human Female


Linda from Futurama
She is referred to as Human Female by her co-host: Morbo

The Female half of the human species.
Symbol: ♀ Venus - The Goddess of Love
Biologically different from their male counterpart, the human female has XX sex chromosomes, a longer life expectancy, sex organs that facilitate children, breasts and many other things
Additionally they have different social expectations, although such a thing is undergoing thorough refinement in todays society
See also: woman, lady, girl
Morbo: Over to you human female
Linda giggles

Human Male: Nice breasts
Human Female: I have eyes you know...
by rzhhhh April 09, 2011

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The gender of a group of People who can do anything and everything. Including, bearing children.
A humanmale can just shot some sperm and have a kid. A humanfemale has to go though pregnancy and labor. A humanfemale also can do everything that a humanmale is capable of.
by bcsw April 04, 2009