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When you get angry and hit a girl during sex.
Person A: "Did you Superman dat ho?"
Person B: "No, that shit is for pussies. I Hulk'd that ho."
Person A: "Hulk that ho?"
Person B: "That's when you get angry and hit her."
by Prof. Banner January 03, 2010

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The act of injecting a girl with steroids and then dosing her with a pail of green paint and fucking her with rage.
Shes lucky were in a public setting or else i would hulk that ho.
by UEi BG January 14, 2008
When you get angry and hit her.
Person 1: "Did you Hulk that ho?"
Person 2: "Oh I Hulk'd that ho alright, right into a coma."
by Brucie B January 01, 2010