1.) A wise and intelligent king or leader.

2.) Someone with a mind so strong that it is nearly impossible to corrupt.

3.) A very motivational speaker who teaches sociology, physiology and psychology to others through arts and music of all kinds to inject minds with the will power to be a strong enough person to take actions themselves and be responsible for those actions and to help themselves become a better and more productive person.

4.) A preacher who tries to save and protect people from themselves by opening windows to perspectives they've never seen or realized.

5.) A realist.

6.) A multi-talented person in the fields of arts and imagery.

7.) A hero/savior.

8.) Having an over-active imagination that is used to benefit others.

9.) A business man that makes companies to benefit other people in supporting their dreams and helping achieve them

10.) A leader in a group

11.) A social bug

12.) One with an over-active imagination used to benefit others.
Hulion is a life saver, his music has inspired me to go to college, dump my obnoxious and jealous boyfriend, start my career and become an entrepreneur.
by Luisa Mustrune March 29, 2008
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