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A person, usually a girl who is at the very least chubby, that hugs everyone (mainly guys) because they have a need to feel loved/wanted, and have no significant other to provide that need.
Brenna needs a boyfriend, she is becoming a total hugslut.
by Axlllllllll January 30, 2008
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a girl (or guy) who is always hugging the opposite sex....usually in a very close intimate way.

the girl (or guy)usuall asks for the hugs.

(a form of flirting?)
Guy1: have u seen charlotte lately
Guy2: yeah she was all over me yeturday
Guy1: like askin for hugs 'n' stuff
Guy2: yeah...I mean she is such a hug slut
Guy1: yeah totaly...shhhhhh look whos comin
Char: Hey guy's where's my hug?

(all hug in an aquard fasion as guy 1 and 2 exchange looks)
by Skater_Rock_Chic August 24, 2006
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Someone who goes from person to person, looking for a good cuddle, snuggle, or hug. They do this for pure enjoyment and do not care if the other person becomes heartbroken
Kelly was being a bit of a hugslut when she cuddled with every guy in sight.
by the27thbase February 18, 2009
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one who feels the need to hug anyone and everyone they see
man, i wish she would quit hugging me all the time. what a hugslut!!
by Mindy December 10, 2003
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The people (usually girls) who give lots of hugs unnecessarily when you're meeting, arriving, or leaving a person or place.
That chicks a hug slut, every time i see her she's like "OMGG, I HAVENT SEEN YOU IN LITERALLY FOREVER! GIVE ME A HUG!"
by hryndzia May 11, 2015
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