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A resident of North East Pennsylvania (Wilkes-Barre and Kingston primarily) who is accused of having murdered 5 people, burning the bodies, and burying them in his back yard. Currently serving a 32.5- 60 year sentace for a 2003 home invasion, he has been cleared of all murder charges relating to two of the victims, and was sentances to 10 years for criminal charges of abuse of a corpse. He is awaiting trial for murder, robbery, conspiracy, and abuse of a corpse. His trial has been delayed numerous times in the 10 years since his initial arrest. In 2004 he escaped Luzerne County jail with another inmate, and was gone for 3 days. He is currently incarcerated in the Luzerne County jail awaiting a capitol murder trial. Hes been Immortized by the song Go, Hugo, Go!, performed by Scranton Pa based horror rock band Lugosi's Morphine.
I swear, if my neighbors dog shits on my lawn again, I'm going Hugo Salinski on his ass.
by Elvis Aron Deadly February 26, 2012
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