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That one awesome person who you hug more than other people because the other people aren't as awesome.
I'm really upset because I don't have a polar bear so I need a hug from my hug buddy
by UhhhPseudoymthat'interesting December 12, 2010
a pal you can give a hug to without your sexuality being suspect. usually used between two dudes. existence of a cross-sex hug buddy relationship indicates the male is emo and will remain a virgin for life
lebo: lets hug, hug buddy
cheezer: ok
by cheezer October 31, 2006
Somebody who you may or may not interact with, just somebody who you give and receive hugs from.
"I don't really hang out with Chad, but I know him because he's my hugbuddy."
by RobbyMady January 05, 2009