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Probably the most conservative hell mouth in the entire country. Located west of GRand RApids, MI. Stay away.
I drove through Hudsonville to get to Grand Rapids and the right wingers chased my car down and pelted it with bibles.
by nersel March 29, 2005
A conservative pocket of west michigan with a growing population. Located west of Grand Rapids, this town provides a living hell for all who must endure it. The guys are jerks, the girls are ugly sluts, and seldom will you find a reasonable, "down to earth" person. Everywhere you look you see a chuch, however the people are hypocritical in the fact that they are un-welcoming, spoled beyond belief, and don't see anything bigger than themselves. Most will go on to a local community college, unless theyve dropped out. If there not smoking pot or drinking, there probably wandering around causing mischieve around the towm. For some strange reason, they pump a lot of money into educaiton and atheletics, however the students don't value education, or the welfare of any group other than themselves. Most of the students can't be involved in atheletics anyways because of their poor acidemics!!! If your not a total dueche bag or at the whore house, growing up in hudsonville is a living purgetory. The day to day bullying is a momentous issue throughout hudsonville, and the adults in the area are very arrogant. stay away.
They must be living in Hudsonville!
by Dr M. Smith March 05, 2011
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