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NBA player and former member of the Orlando Magic, Sacramento Kings and San Antonio Spurs. Hudo was acquired by Bryan Colangelo during the 2009 NBA offseason. He is currently a member of the Toronto Raptors.

Hudo, or Hedo Turkoglu as he is sometimes called, is well known for his deadly perimeter shooting, playmaking ability, and striking good looks.

At 6 foot 10, he can put the ball on the floor, pass, and shoot with the best of them. It should also be noted that during the 4th quarter and the when game is on the line, Hudo=Clutch
"Is Hudo really coming to T Dot? Really hope so!" -Demar Derozan
by hilmi dajani July 10, 2009
Your either in it to win it or out.
Your either snoozin' or losin'
Ride or die
"Last night was crazy yo' I was definitely a HUD-O!"
by POSTMYWORDYO February 06, 2014