a big stash of fake weed
word created by Katt Williams
Drug Dealer:Hey guys,i got some weed.It's some good shit.
Weedhead's:Hell no.dont come over here with that HUCKABEE.that weak as shit.Go on somewhere with that.
by UrbanBabe December 29, 2008
Word used to describe extremely poor-quality weed. Its usage was coined by the profound comedian Katt Williams.
Don't be comin up in here with yo big ol bag of Huckabee!
by pimpdaddy09 December 06, 2009
"Huckabee;" that moment when you think you're going to spit, but because of premature ejaculation and damn breathing you're forced to swallow.
"The other night at the glory hole I was going to spit, but the John on the other side totally Huckabeed me; I thought I was gonna hurl"
by pammywhammy January 04, 2015
To Throw up while giving a blow job.
He Huckabee'd while giving his boyfriend a blow job.
by Shelly37 January 03, 2015
a person who is really dumb
" wow what a huckabee "
by mat March 02, 2005
1 An ugly mole on a person's ass that usually has hair growing out of it

2 Mike Huckabee the human equivalent of such a mole

3 A person who claims to be a Christian while largely ignoring the teachings of Jesus.
1 My girlfriend has a Huckabee. I'm trying to figure out how to tell her.

2 Huckabee is on the news again. He's espousing conspiracy theories and criticizing unwed mothers

3 That pastor is such a Huckabee
by A1988 March 04, 2011
When you throw up a little bit while giving a blow job.
I was deep-throating his cock last night and I accidentally huckabeed.
by Spidersigns February 05, 2008

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