1) A great wolfhound in Tolkien's book The Silmarillion. Loyal to Caranthir, he followed the elf-lord into exile and the doom of the Noldor fell upon him - although immortal, he could now be slain, and fate said he would be killed by the greatest wolf ever to live. After Caranthir's attempt to abduct Luthien, Huan joins Luthien and allows her to ride him to Tol Sirion, where he slays Draugluin and helps rescue Beren. He later aids Beren and Luthien several times, but departs before their attempt to enter Angband. When the enraged Carcharoth descends on Beleriand, Huan joins the party sent against him, and the two meet in combat and slay each other.

Another peculiar part of his curse is that he may speak, but only three times.

2) A doctor in Suikoden II, who is one of the 108 stars and who is already part of Viktor's army and does not need to be recruited.
The first is pronounced "HOO-an", the second presumably is "hwon".
by Andy May 11, 2004
Top Definition
Extremely sexy person that has very high self esteem that auras upon others.
Look at that sexy guy...another Huan. :)
by HnL December 16, 2004
Pronounced "who en"
A word commonly used as an expletive by German and Turkish teenagers in southern Germany (the Black Forest) that is also present in German rap songs meaning "son of a bitch" when translated.
You fucking huan!
huan! huan! huan!
Dirty huan!
by bibblebabble January 14, 2009
Your soul mate who you meet over the internet. Beware of Tobys.
Person One: Where did you meet?
Person Two: Oh hes a Huan!
by TobyHasAwonkyEye April 27, 2011
A fat emo Lari
Lari is a Huan
by Seedybtard June 24, 2011
A goddess on earth, a woman among girls. When she enters a room everyone turns and takes notice.
Man, that Huan walked in and the room went silent.
by chadwags February 05, 2010

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