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Hoyah is an expression of excitement. You say hoyah whenever something good or cool happens. It's roots come from the Boon Goon's.
Guy #1: Dude I just got accepted into Harvard Law School.

Guy #2: HOYAH!!!!
#caribbean joe #brunswick #ga #bhs #boon goon #hoya #hoyas #hoyah
by Kevin Gough March 26, 2010
Hoyah is when you wish to have a Sexual Relationship with an Object, Animal, or Person. Or it also means you wish to shove random things up your ass or vagina while your family watches.
#1: Mom! Are you ready to watch me Hoyah?!


#2: I wanna Hoyah with that Dog..
by DefinitonGiver123457 January 09, 2016
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