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How's hair is a cover up for when something next to you is really bad or awkward. You cant say it out loud to our friend so you just ask them"How's my hair?" and they get the message. Hows my hair can be abbreviated to Hows the hair, hows hair, and even the occasional "hh". You can answer the question if you understand what theyre saying but yelling "Needs a little mousse"
Hannah: So yesterday, I tried to tickle myself in bed at a sleepover and it felt so weird.
Caroline : Oh....Hows my hair?
Jackie : MMMM Needs a little mousse.
*Walks away before catching disease*
#hh #hows my hair #hows the hair #hows #how's #how's my hair #how's the hair #codeword #secret lang #tickle #secret #crow
by CaTheMousseiest August 13, 2013
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