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A word for a girl who is stunningly beautiful, and at the same time is very nerdy. The girl may also be artistic. This term originated in the Pacific Northwest.
"Who's that beautiful artist girl you were talking to?"

"Oh, her. She's my Hovey."
by Nobody in particular... November 10, 2007
one who has abnormaly gigantic feet on who falls for guys like a waterfall. He looks up to 'Devo' as a sunflower looks up to the sun. These are extremely rare and you can only find them in the tundra of North Dakota. By the way they can't speak correctly (if you have seen the king's speech it is just like that).
look at that hovey just wandering about by his lonesome self
by Janders from Harlem March 08, 2011
Jehovah's Witness
A hovey came knocking on my door just at the moment I was having a quick wank. I was most annoyed when I saw who it was and did the only sensible thing: I slammed the door in their face.
by cybermuppet March 27, 2009
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