Short for Jehova, and brought back into parlance by Jay-Z, used as an exclaimation in the place of "My God!!" or "Jesus!!"
Guy 1: Dude, I wrecked my ride last week.
Guy 2: 'Hova!!!
by Anonymous September 25, 2003
Hell of an ass
If you see a girl walking a long, and she has a phat ass you say HOVA
by Fredrick Rod Douglas October 14, 2011
Dorm on the campus of George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Abbreviation for Hall On Virginia Avenue
I'm heading to a party over in HOVA!
by Colonial November 04, 2006
stands for the best rapper of all time jay-z. he was given the nickname in a freestile battle in brooklyn wear he destroyed another rapper.
"god emcee, me jayhova"
by ^*-cornelious-*^ March 30, 2006
bastard Jehovah's witnesses that knock on your door at 7 A.M. askin' for a convert and some damn money.
F'ing Hovas came knockin' on my door again this morning, so I put my rifle in my left hand and the whiskey in my right and opened the door.
by NegroBob June 25, 2004
those fuckers who knock on your door, asking you to convert your religion.
Those hovas were bangin' on my door again today. I told them to raise up and leave me the fuck alone.
by Ricky Roma September 30, 2003

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